Mother/father Complex +sex = 2 Fresh topics of interest for all

Jay Baba: following is a recent communication with a brother who is a very special and mysterious Babalover soul’, i have been blessed to know him this year and our brotherhood is growing with such exchanges. The topic is one of the two ‘favorite topics for ALL = money and sex’: the second one; which is actually in an ‘existential way’ the primary one; money comes much later in the picture!

If God = TRUTH, then this is ‘GOING for IT’; and if anybody has anything against this, please write it down and send for us! Starting from the ‘basic issues’ is the way to get to the ‘sublime issues’, such as God-realization. And for me, the audience of this blog are mainly the younger generation who may use the experience of the experienced ones. The same-age group (5os) could also enjoy comparing the different views, while the more advanced group (60+) may also use it to add their own experience here for us ALL to benefit.

So I hope by starting this ‘topic’ no one gets offended, because there is NOTHING to ‘defend’! there is much to ‘share’ but nothing to ‘hide’ or nothing to defend. Yes, ‘some ‘offence’ can be already seen for/on/at the ‘conditioned mind’, but that is part of the game! If anyone wants to ‘play’ the ‘defensive side’, I welcome it! But there is really NOTHING to ‘defend’! Truth needs no defense. Cloudy and False-like may appear, but is always shining sharp, even behind the clouds of the ‘conditioned mind’!

So since I just got his permission to publish his views, enjoy reading our correspondence if you like, or click elsewhere to use your valuable time in some other topics!

(BOLD font is his)

Dear….THANK you again for the sharing… i enjoy it and i am SURE many would enjoy reading such ‘first hand’ REAL experiences (specially young people who have YET to experience such truths /facts of life.) i hope some day you allow me to use them (anonymously of course! in my blog. when?

…..I think you’re right about me, my ego, enjoying being ‘The Most’, although it’s usually expressed in a subtle or off-beat way.
well, it is NOT only about you, it is a normal natural function of the ego, true for ALL (who can see!)

It’s another leftover from my upbringing.
Yes dear, all we suffer/ enjoy now is the result of our upbringing. and this brings the famous issue of ‘mother/father complex’ in Jungian psychology.

My parents were quite obsessed with being superior to everyone else, and they succeeded in this obsession in many ways, and it did bring them a measure of contentment / satisfaction.
Yes, and suppose you meet a woman with the opposite background and due to her obsession to fulfill the basic desires (will to power included) and your ‘habit’ of looking for ‘beauty and innocence, you meet and fall/rise in lust/love! then what happens?

My mother was brought up a theosophist, and still knew The Bhagavad Gita word-perfect on her deathbed, but she rejected this spiritual upbringing and expressed absolutely no regrets even as she lay dying.
The BIG problem with the ‘strong ego’ is the PRIDE and unless this is not ‘dissolved in love’ the transformation is NOT possible and one need another round of Samsara/Maya to get rid of that PRIDE. i am also aware of my ‘pride’ and wish Baba has something in ‘store’ for me to deal with/transcend it.

To have such extreme parents is sure to effect anyone to some extent.
Yes, it is a natural law of growth: to over-grow the parents and become one ‘step’ ahead of them, evolution-wise i mean.

I’m the opposite of her.
Yes, usually this happens : we choose the opposite of what we suffer from!

I had an extremely worldly upbringing which I rejected, but some aspects of it still express themselves.

Yes and this is the domain of sub or unconsciousness to register things in the childhood, so to deal with them later in life. it reminded me of the movie i watch 2 nights ago about the life of Johnny Cash. it was wonderful to watch all these archetypes of child/parent/warrior/lover/magician…..

As far as sex goes, here’s Baba’s exact words ‘The only REAL CONTROL is the discipline of the senses from indulgence in low desires, which alone ensures absolut purity of character’.

well well, great, but HOLD it there! INDULGENCE is SO different than having a ‘normal happy useful sex-life’! Yes or no? Baba is talking about ‘indulgence’ and by definition is it so different than using His given gift = sex in a loving caring way. am i wrong here or what?

I couldn’t remember in my last email, but it was Ramakrishna who was still having problems with lust whilst on the 6th plane.
Yes, Mahatma Gandhi is also reported to have wet dreams at his later age. Suppression of the lower desires is the biggest mistake man can MAKE! sex-energy is a divine God-given gift and using it in moderation and in a guilt-free way is the best ‘gratitude’ man can have for His lord for this gift. Baba also talk about ‘lust’ as the FIRST step toward true/real love… SO this FIRST makes it clear that we shall not remove it or deny it or think BAD about it : after all, that is the FIRST STEP! and to PASS it, one needs to PASS it, not to destroy it or negate it or deny it.

For a long time I’ve tried to at least mitigate the negative effects of lust by only having sex with a woman I loved, but I still think it would be better to not feel lust in the first place.
Well, after reading the above, please let me know about your last ‘first place’!! LUST id the ‘first place’ anyway, like it or not, it is HIS wish!

After all, it’s just another expression of duality and the illusion of separateness.

<!– D([“mb”,”

\n\’Another\’ yes, but NOT the \’negative\’ one! remember that we all come\nFROM \’duality\’ to \’ONENESS”, and duality being Maya, the FIRST shadow\nof God, it has it own \’PLACE\’ too, the \’FIRST place\’! … and in ANY\n\’journey\’ FIRST and LAST step are the cruitial ones, none can be\ndenied, and in order to reach the last we MUST respect the \’first\’ and\nstart from there, not indulging of course! Indulgence is another\n\’separate issue\’ which we can talk about it later.

“,1] ); D([“mb”,”

Much Love and many thanks for your \ninput

“,1] ); D([“mb”,”

\nMuch love and care from here too and thank you for going on and\nwish you let me use this in my blog. i can always use it in a way that\nwe will remain a \’mysterious loving brother\’

“,1] ); /’Another’ yes, but NOT the ‘negative’ one! remember that we all come FROM ‘duality’ to ‘ONENESS”, and duality being Maya, the FIRST shadow of God, it has it own ‘PLACE’ too, the ‘FIRST place’! … and in ANY ‘journey’ FIRST and LAST step are the critical/crucial ones, none can be denied, and in order to reach the last we MUST respect the ‘first’ and start from there, not indulging of course! Indulgence is another ‘separate issue’ which we can talk about it later.

Much Love and many thanks for your input

Much love and care from here too, and thank you for going on with me……

In His Love and Grace ……
Yours in His FIRE Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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