‘Go for God’….

David’s answer to that question was really soothing and relaxing for me. It feels that it released some potent energy to use it for ‘GOING FOR GOD’. …….. already started (or actually continued more intensely!) sending some ‘light’ (chapters/whole books in Farsi, by email) for Yahoo groups and individuals who appreciate/need them (one is a ‘key’ figure on the net__an ’emotional consultant’ in a Yahoo group, and a ‘loved’ one in her teaching profession )…

Now, with more relaxation and more intensity, i am thinking about HOW to make these ‘lights’ available for MORE people….. there are 30 books (my Tehran translations) in my Macintosh laptop here, waiting for a technical solution, to be put on the net (some font problem)….(have written a note about it on my white board and carry it with me on the streets here!)

So i take David’s advise and just ‘Go for God’!! if we say GOD= TRUTH, then what i have in ‘possession’ is a real ‘treasure’, needing to be distributed among those who can enjoy it….. this morning had a letter from David, clarifying that the quote was NOT from Baba (as i thought so) the following is my reply to him and his letter…… Jay Baba Huuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Dear brother David
Thank you so much for the clarification. i thought it was from Baba, BUT all wise words come somehow from Baba, na?! i am glad you responded so promptly and wisely… it made me much more relaxed and now my energy is directed to “GO FOR HIM”!!!! i already started sharing my translations (which are all banned and VERY popular in Iran) with a few friends and am thinking (using the mind for its purpose) about HOW to share it with MORE people who can use them and benefit from them. This internet is a real blessing for such works and i shall find a way, by His guidance of course.

Thank you again and you know better what your prize will be, in your next visit to the holy land!
please stay in touch and watch me HOW i ‘go for God’!!! i just love the phrase (in action!)

On 4/11/06, David Graber, MUSC wrote:

Mohsen –
Nice to hear from you! I do need to mention that the saying is not from Baba, but is a Sufi saying, and I can’t remember exactly who said it.
Jai Baba,

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