Best answer so far =”…. go for God and don’t worry about self-actualization…”

Jay Baba………..after having a wonderful evening came to write some more and found the first and best answer to my question… solevd that main question …..Dear David will get his prize when back in Mehrabad, Baba’s wish/will………… then it brings another question of ‘HOW‘ “to go for God” ?????????? any ideas/ suggestions? This will also have a ‘prize’ for it! Jay Baba………………

Dearest brother David
Wow, Thank you so much for the wonderful saying of our Beloved Baba, if you permit, will post it, for others to benefit too. There is much to learn from Baba, thru you who love and serve Him. i am thankful to you for the wise respond. No, i was NOT aware of this sayings of our Baba. since it is in English Many more people can benefit from it, those who do not even know who Baba was/is!

i have been thinking about you whenever i use ‘ the seat’. AT home, in trains and on my new balcony/roof. have it now with me too! left it last week in a Tibetan restaurant and forgot about it for 3-4 days and then with ‘not much hope’ went there and asked for it, and they gave it to me! A rare case in India! Here, one noticable thing is that people look more happy, peaceful and honest that the rest of India i have seen (except on the Magic Hill, of course!) (That place is UNIQUE on this earth___ for MANY things, this included!) s
Since this was a genuine gift from you, it was not lost! Thank you again for all you love and sharing and wish you the best and hope we can communicate more with the blog. Your enlightening comments, like this one, are ALWAYS welcome for all who read it (including the younger people in Iran)

On 4/11/06, David Graber, MUSC wrote:

Hi Mohsen -Your question is one that I made my mind up about some time ago. My feeling is to go for God and don’t worry about self-actualization: when you have Him, you have self-actualization anyway. This quote relates to your question (maybe you are familiar with it)…

“If you were to be united with Him only after the extinction of your vices and the effacement of your pretensions, you would never be united with Him!

Instead, when he wants to unite you to Himself, he covers your attribute with His attribute and hides your quality with His quality.

And thus he unites you to Himself by virtue of what comes from Him to you, not by virtue of what comes from you to Him.

Sufi Saying

So you can turn to God and love God, still being imperfect. In fact, that’s what He wants. He will take care of your spiritual growth and actualization.”

I’m sure you’ll hear some different opinions. Hope you’re keeping well,

In His Love,

David R. Graber, Ph.D.

Associate ProfessorDirector - Bachelor of Health Sciences ProgramHealth Administration & PolicyCollege of Health Professions

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