kind neighbors and clean air here

Jay Baba
Time is passing so fine here, with good clean air, peaceful vibes simple food and kind neighbors.
Yesterday went to see the mighty Dr. finally….. even his assistant was not happy with the color of the urine sample I had brought with me! The Dr. told me (through his translator) that my kidneys were ‘weak’ and gave me 2 set of pills to take and see him after a week (only 20 Rs for visit and the pills ) ……

The net was ‘down’ here so I spent most of the time watching the monkeys, playing some music and learning these two digital Ragginie/Tabla machine I brought with me. Made some lunch and shared it with my upstairs neighbor, Tao, 41, a Dutch writer (may see some of her photos here she liked it, so I made a dinner too and we had it upstairs while watching an interesting program on TV. Downstairs live a young couple, do not know their names yet but the woman is from Germany, having a license for alternative medicine in Germany and she is traveling with her boyfriend from Venezuela, for about 7 years now. She is learning Yogic Massage here and so far had treated my injured left leg with this massage 3 times and it feels much better now. He plays guitar and a few nights ago we made some music together.

Wednesday night there was a Jam session in a café and it turned out to be very energetic (2 guitars, 3 drums, etc….) we sang “Stand up for your rights… never give up” and the Wall from Pink Floyd (“Hey Teachers, leave those kids alone”!)……. Found a solution for the water expenses the other day. (I bring the empty bottles and there is a little Green Shop where a Tibetan woman fills them up with boiled and filtered water for 1/3 of the cost (5 Rs/liter)…. So by Baba’s grace I hope I can manage the budget until ‘then’ (when?, I shall make it public AFTER the date!!!!)

Be happy and enjoy the precious moments of life (EVEN if there are ‘difficult times’, since it is from God __ to teach us something __ it IS precious.)
Janam Meher Baba


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