Tibetan Medicine

This early morning again the monkeys woke me up making noises outside my window! They go all over the place in search of food and it seems that the babana yesterday had made them eager to visit again!
So after a tea and breakfast (lentil soup!) came down to check my email and buy some drinking water. Yesterday i got 3 big bottles and it was finished in one day!(new kind of expense never had before!)….Yesterday i had a few guests for tea and made some soup…..

Dear sister Rainy Boroni advised me to go and visit Dr. Yeshi Dhonden. His office is very close and was full of people, usually over 50, some tourists and mostly Tibetans. There was a queue for the medicine and when the mighty Dr. came out, he mentioned that i shall be back around 11:30….. but i missed it since i got busy finishing unpacking and making my white board and also brother Spencer visited again to pick up their umbrellas who left last night…. He is about 24, born in Canada, traveling for 3 years now without a break to visit his parents…. is eager to visit Iran, after being in N. Africa, Turkey and….. He plays NEY (REED) and is fond of Sufi tunes…

Tomorrow i may go Dalai Lama’s office to have a darshan with him…. seeing such an advanced soul is a blessing for every one and since i am very ‘close’….. He will travel soon to the South and North America for a tour and i like to just be in his presence for a while……. just arrived in Dharmasala on the night of his last day of teaching ….. The older Tibetans are so gentle and kind here…. now geting tired of this ‘closed space’ and miss my open terrace up the hill….. till soon

in Baba’s Mercy, be Happy

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