some oriententioal notes =Journey of life ‘from god to God’, “from Tehran to McLeod Ganj”

Wow , Wow, Wow, what an amazing journey is this whole’ trip’?
… ‘From essence to essence’,…………. from that place to this place,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
just to realize WHO WE ARE, and WHY we have come along this long journey!!…..

By His grace, from opening the ‘physical eyes’ (Tehran, Sept 1951), to be trained in the new culture of ‘the strongEST nation on the earth’ (USA, 1973-1979),,,,,,

,,,,,,,,,,,, from experiencing ‘married life’ and having two sons, to getting disillusioned of the old ‘conditioned mind’ (1979-1991),,,,,,,,,

,,,,,,,,,,,, from the passion of translating words of that ‘funny thief’ to feeling the REAL compassion of Meher Baba, The REAL Theif of the hearts (1991-2005),,,,,,,,,,,

Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, is such a wonderful trip: full of adventures and dangers , yet always pleasing for my soul (even during the ‘rough times’!)

……this is just an ‘oriententioal note’ for my new friends in my new life (starting after the Guru Poornima, Full moon, July 2005, AT MEHERABAD, The Magic Hill)……

The posts below are about then on, up until Feb.14. 2006, where my trip to Delhi and other issues prevented me from updating….

the coming posts will be covering the NEWS OF LOVING (in REAL everyday sence!) from that trip up to now….. hope i can remember MANY MANY MANY loving gestures and experiences i had since then, being among Baba Family and even NOW, here in this small famous village who His Holiness Dalai Lama is residing and having his headquarters….. i wish ALL Babalovers can come for a visit, if they can afford it! The safety and silence is NEXT to Mehrabad, yet without the general ‘Indian mass culture/mentality’ ! Here the Tibetans are in majority and the geography is almost opposite to Our Magic Hill, full of green mountains with tall trees and many waterfalls around……

Until soon
in His Divine Grace and Mercy


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