violence in action vs.compassion in action= خشونت در کردار در برابر مهر در عمل

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Jay Mehr Baba…….an hour ago I was, for the first time, faced with ‘violence in deed’! A new ‘gift’ from Baba. A brother, FULL of anger and violence, pushed me away, using vulgar American 4-lettered words, saying to get away from the car in which Reza, Peter and Susan where leaving with. He had abused me once before, in words, same favorite 4-lettered ones! for telling him not to spread superstitions around Baba in His land. The ‘reason’ for his violent behavior is SO HILARIOUS that if I tell you, will make you wonder and laugh. But since it needs minute details, I do not do it now and had already told Gary about it. Good thing that brother…. and a few rikshaw drivers were watching the scene and I had to use my whistle to draw attention there, so he stopped the violent aggression, when asked by others to stop it. So this is just something to consider that how the deep feelings of selfishness and hatred can surface so easily in this wonderful land. All it needs is a ‘mad’ man like me to invoke it! May Baba gives me more of this ‘love-madness’! Ameen.

But the good news is that at lunch I received a very precious gift from Peter Pham, from Vietnam, a loving heart who came with Susan and Reza, a young ‘healer’, who makes music and plays guitar. The gift was a pack of incense with a bottle of perfume wrapped in a letter. Now, since the content of this is loving and may show a different angle of what you have already read here about the ‘negative emotions’ toward me, I will type and post it here, NOT for the self-gratification and egotistical purposes, but ONLY for the sake of the record, so you may see that there are MANY who feel the ‘positive emotions’ with me, AND to show that ‘The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’. I told him that I may not be worthy of what he expressed, but I appreciated HIS kind warm feeling, expressed sincerely and beautifully. Molana Rumi says it all when he say, ‘Everyone became my friend out of his own presumptions….’. Now his letter :

Feb.06.‏2006‏‏-‏02‏‏-‏06‏ Mohsen joon (joon means a friendly dear)

Thank you for being within the space of my pilgrimage. Thank you for your unconditional love and humility. I was so touched by your public apology on the Persian night for reasons I know not. For me, saying, ‘I am sorry’ heartfully, makes one a leader of love and forgiveness. You have shown me this leadership and make my trip to India worthwhile. I do not know Baba through his books, at least not yet; but I know Baba, Meher Baba, through unique souls like yours. Thank you again, as I wish you the best in your mastery of servicing humanity. Jay Baba! In His love, Peter Pham………..


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