What a Sunday! عجب یکشنبه ی با صفایی

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What a Sunday! Morning Arti was definitely different from any other day. The number of people is the first noticeable thing……. and the decorations……..the bhajans were very good and one Indian sister sang very beautifully…….. wish those who use the time, give their time to those who sing better! Went to new PC for the first breakfast. Ended up having a nice conversation with two Irani Baba-lovers from LA and DC…. Received words of wisdom and encouragement from them and much misinformation was cleared……… at 2:30 went again there to have an interview with brother Khodadad, who has seen Baba twice and has some very interesting stories about Baba. I taped him and wish to use it soon here. Bhauji came at for the first time to this place and had a tour around….. had a rough count of Iranian pilgrims and came to about 25-30, so far. More is expected! Bhauji talked about Shirin and Farhad and the UNTOLD story of them as Baba had narrated it…. Bhauji asked Tony G. to dance and he did a nice job and I played along with the daff. Then I asked Bhauji if we can listen to the sister who was singing this morning. Found out that she is the daughter of brother Sharma from Hamirpur and they are good friends of Tony G. She sang a very famous song from Begum Akhtar and we ALL enjoyed it very much. Then Bhauji talked about Begum Akhtar and her story with Baba……. Evening prayer was even MORE crowded than the morning one. Dear brother Frank asked me if it is my ‘first Amartithi’, and since the answer was ‘yes’, he told me that ‘these people are mostly volunteers’ ……… ‘from tomorrow the real crowd of 20-30 thousands will come’! WOW! For me who has seen mostly crowds of 20-50 people in most prayers, this number will be something! Of course the only ‘problem’ at such times is the amount of NOISE they make! UNFORTUNATELY, those who are ‘serving’, the ‘on duty’ personnel, are taking advantage of such times and TALKING ALOUD, while the Bhajans are being sang. And when I remind them by sign language to BRING THE VOLUME DOWN, instead of being thankful, theu look at me ‘left left’! (an Irani expression for ‘mean look’!) AT least they should keep and maintain the silence of this place…….since they feel free to break the silence with their LOUD talks, others do the same and the whole atmosphere is not as quiet and peaceful, as at other times……… Be Happy………Jay Baba

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