How can i be ‘in trouble’, when Baba loves me and i love Baba?!

Jay Baba, This morning at arti, i saw them and felt like giving them the link to this blog, so they may read it and stop this ‘childish game’! But, instead, my act of giving a piece of paper, IN SILENCE, to another ‘Babalover’, in a place where many other communications are allowed, was interpreted as ‘self-promotion’ and for that, i should be ‘in trouble’, as he ‘warned’ me this morning!! i asked him at breakfast that would he be happy if i am in trouble?!! and he could not answer and i asked him to think about it and answer later, any time.

Why some people want to hurt me, at Baba’s place, based on their own conditioned and narrow minds? As Baba suggests in His prayers, it can only be out of ‘selfishness’ and ‘hatred’….. these people are not aware that Baba had brought me here, trained and prepared for my specific ‘missions’ or ‘jobs’ = interpersonal communication and mass media. This post is the witness to it and if these less than 1% of the whole population, including the natives, have ANY objections, they can complain to Baba and ask Him to remove me from this earth!

These ‘minorities are ALWAYS present, at any age in history, and as Beloved Baba says about them, i shall be thankful to them, because ‘they make your work important’, unconsciously!(not exact qouting)

So, i thank all of you, including those who hate me!
i love you anyway and see Baba in each one of you, even if you think that i am a hypocrit and had come here for ‘something else‘ (your own mental projections.)
Thankfulness to Beloved Baba who made this possible.

in His love and service


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