Osho on illness and health …

“You think that illness and health are opposites.

Youwish for a time when there will be no more illness inthe life of man, but the day this happens, there will be no more health either.

It is possible only if all the limbs of man are changed and replaced by plasticand stainless steel limbs, artificial limbs. Thensickness will disappear, but with it the experience of health will also disappear. The joy of health andwell-being cannot be experienced with stainless steel and plastic limbs: health is connected with illness.

Now there are ways to replace the heart; parts of thebrain can also be replaced. Soon it will be possible to replace all the parts of the human body which havethe possibility of getting sick. Plastic cannot become sick, stainless steel will last for a long time.

Instead of bones, there can be stainless steel in yourhands. Nerves can be made of plastic and soon we can find a better chemical than blood.

The whole body can be made like a machine, then it will not become sick -but the being which is hidden inside will never beable to experience health. Actually, health is a sort of balance between diseasesand disease is nothing but an imblance of health. Both are together:

eliminate one totally and the other will also disappear. But you don’t see it like this.

You think that if one is destroyed then the other will remain. This is the paradox of false appearances. Sowhatsoever appears to you as true, look deeply into it and think of the opposite: more is the possibility that the opposite will be true. Try to understand it in this way: wherever man experiences happiness, in the end, what comes to his hands is just misery.

The mind says that happiness must be where it appears to be, but searching for it,in the end only misery is experienced. Many times inyour life you have experienced it: wherever there wasa promise of happiness, you ran towards it and have found only misery.

The sages have reversed this idea: they have said thatwherever there appears to be misery, try to enter intoit. When what appears to be happiness leads to misery,then wherever there appears to be misery, if you gointo it you will find happiness. It is this scientificprocess that is called tapa, discipline of purification. ‘Tapa’ means a search for happiness even in misery.

Osho: The message beyond words, ch. 13.


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