Who is doing what, in IRI?


6/25/2003, 10:01 PM

Who is doing what, at the DF,”Devil Front”, in Persia, today?

1. “shah” (King) akbar, rafsanjani:
role / function:
Head of the Shadow Government, the “true godfather for the criminals.”
a living “symbol” of that “little king of ego” (in our collective unconsciousness!)

2. Ali Ye Dast (one-hand), khameneii: (lost his right hand for the devil, by a younger devil, of a different “rank”!
role / function:
“VALI (Friend) of SAFIH (The ignorant)”, “Boss” for the ignorant violent street-mobs.

3.“Jannati”, Duzakh-makan: The Hell Dweller, he is on his ‘death bed’ already and may “pop off”, any moment!
role / function:
The permanent secretary for the CDG,“Council of Devil Guardians”or SMS, Shoraye Mohafeze Sheytan”)! Managing and financing the “army” of Devil, with the “dirty money”(drug-smuggling money and other economically “illegal” acts, such as exporting “antiques”), provided by the “king” and the ‘boss”, ; preventing and suppressing all the divine energies, to be manifested through “legal channels”.

4. Saeede mortazavi ,
role / function:
The “butcher”, an “experienced” VIP in LCB “legal crime business”! A special agent of dark forces, a local LREE, “Legal Representative of Evil Energy”. His “Mission Possible” now, is to arrest, imprison and murder anyone who is opposed to the unjust inhuman regime of IRI (Irreligious Rotten Impotent!). After leaving a bulky record of “murdering more than 100 newspapers and media”, over the past 6 years, recently, he is “wisely” appointed by the “king of devils”, to suppress all domestic oppositions, functioning as Modaee ol omum ,the Public Prosecutor. What an “evil wisdom”! What a shame! What a shame! He is responsible for all “official legal crimes” happening in the land, in an increasingly rapid rate. He must be ready to face the grave consequences of his evil deeds (issuing “orders” to arrest and imprison the students and other innocent people). He is well qualified as a “true criminal” in any international “court of law”
The “law” that he has been following and obeying so far, has been the “law of jungle”, giving him the “authority” for his inhuman ‘orders’, and he deserves the highest possible punishment for his dirty deeds. What could be a “fair humane punishment” for a “murderer of 100 + media”? A long period of ‘silence’ in the group, maybe?! Or………? Please give your imaginative ideas: What to do with this enemy of freedom and justice?

5. Ali Chaakhaan ( the liar) Larijani,
role / function:
Head of the IRIB (Irresponsible Rude Inhuman Broadcasting), a true symbol for LIE and LEING, “on the air”! He and his famous family members are “official” agents of the Dark forces, and their “ties”, with the Western conservative politicians are brighter than the sunshine! Another contemporary “Rashidian brothers”, in the 40’s and 50’s!

6. Mahmude Araghi, Shahrudi, a nasty “foreigner” __ by his Surname, Araghi
role / function:
Head of the GS, “Ghovveye Setamkar”,or UF, “UNJUSTICE FORCE” ( the Judiciary system), He is solely responsible for turning the above mentioned, “ruined system” (his own quotation!), into a very dangerous force for “Legal Suppression” of our people!

7. Habibollah (funny name! Actually, another enemy of Allah! Because, he lies a lot! A professional liar cannot be a “friend of the truth” (Allah)!) asgaroladi, NAmoslman (because a “mosalman” or a Muslim, never lies!):
role / function:
Head of the “motalefe”, “chief ” of ECF, “Evil Coalition Forces”,(league-leader of the coalition, from the greedy-bazaar to the empty mosques!) in charge of “charging” the “air” with hatred and violence! He is a “beloved brother” of ”king akbar”, and a great ‘resource’, when it comes to financial /emotional support to feed the ANSAR , or FO “friends of devil”, the army of street mobs, attacking, beating and suppressing the innocent people)! He also heads the most obscene and crooked “charity organization on the earth”: “Emdad Committee”, or HFS (Help From Satan)!

Seven is a symbol for many, and indeed their numbers are much more! So, this list can be extended to include other “dirty souls” (dirt of lower ego: hatred, greed, ambition, violence, ill-will, etc.) Egos such as khazali-arabe vahshi ( the wild arab); mesbahe yazdie, “messenger of violence”; niyazie bi-chashm-o-ru, the shamless, faceless liar; ruhe shetani, Hosseiniane shekanje-doost (the torture-lover), Shariatmadari (the “special” enemy of love and truth!); rafighdoost; taraghi; taraghi; haddade-Naadel……….

But these “evil characters” are less than 10% of the whole population! The point is to see these “powerful minority”, as they are, destructive and merciless; and do not “judge” or “generalize” their behavior as the attitude of Iranians. Our people are fed up with these “oppressors” and deserve freedom from their oppression. We have got “the lesson” from our “1979 blind revolt” and 24 years of all kinds of madness and injustice is enough of a “punishment” for us! We need some “fresh air”!

May the noble people of Persia be freed
from the “clutches” of these “inhuman characters”!
May the divine forces of love and compassion come to rescue the masses,
from their Evil trap.
May all the “criminals”, in any robe and any rank,
come to face the consequences of their deeds,
without further violence and bloodshed….

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