Osho, summary of The Art of Dying

“Remember, when you love somebody, it is not only you that give love to them __ in giving, you grow, when love starts flowing between you and the other you both are benefited, and in that exchange of love your potentiality start becoming actualities. That is how self-actualization happens, love more and you will be more; love less and you will be less, you are always in proportion to your love, the proportion of your love is the proportion of your being.”

Osho, The Art of Dying, page 72

“Ordinary life has to be hallowed, has to be made holy __ even a pipe. You can smoke in a very prayful way. Or, you can pray in a very unprayful way. It is not the question of what you do… you can go into the temple, you can go into the mosque, but still you can pray in a very unprayful way. It depends on you; it depends on the quality you bring to your prayer. You can eat, you can smoke, you can drink, and you can do all these small things, mundane things, in such gratitude that they become prayers.”

Osho, The Art of Dying, page 73

“…Hasidism is absolutely non-technical. The whole approach is non-technical….. just a sheer joy in life. Hasidism is not a path of meditation, it is a path of prayer. Prayer has no technique. Meditation can have millions of techniques because meditation is a scientific approach to inner reality. Hassidism is not a science, it is an art. Hasidism does not believe in techniques, but in love.
Remember well, the technological mind is a mathematical mind. The mind of the lover is non-mathematical; the mind of the lover is the mind of the poet. Love is a romance, not a technique. Love is a dream, not a technique. Love has a totally different approach to life….
Love is not a technique, so nobody can teach you how to love…. Love is a natural spontaneous phenomenon. Even animals are loving __ they don’t have Kinseys and Masters and Johnsons and they are achieving orgasm perfectly, without any scientific help. They don’t have any sex therapist and they do not go to any guru to be taught how to love. It is an inborn quality, each being born brings it with himself…..
It is a natural phenomenon. It arises. It arises even when you are against it _- see the truth of it. Even when you are against it, it arises in spite of you. It is bigger than you. You cannot control it. It is natural.
Hasidism says that if a man starts living a natural life, one day, suddenly, the love of God arises naturally as love for the woman or love for the man arises; as naturally as breathing arises after birth….
Hasidism simply says don’t be unnatural and prayer will be born on its own accord. It has no technique. And that’s the beauty of it.
If you have missed the natural flowering of prayer __ then techniques are needed. Meditation is a substitute for prayer, it is second to prayer. If you have missed prayer then meditation is needed, but if prayer has arisen in you, then there is no need for any meditation. Prayer is spontaneous meditation; meditation is prayer with effort, prayer with technique is meditation; meditation without technique is prayer.

Osho, The Art of Dying, pp 90-91

“Techniques are needed when you have missed these small openings towards godliness. If you go on looking in the small openings, the total effect is a great door. And suddenly you start seeing what prayer is. Not only seeing, you start living it.
Hasidism is a totally different approach than Tantra, and Hasidism is far superior to any Tantra, because it is the natural Tantra, it is the natural way, it is the way of Tao.
But the mind is very cunning. The mind wants to manipulate. The mind wants to manipulate even the relationship of love, the mind wants to manipulate even the mysterious phenomenon of prayer. The mind is a great controller. The obsession of mind is to control everything, not to allow anything beyond control __ hence technique . the mind is always asking for techniques and the mind goes on planning for every possibility.
If you plan for every possibility, if you manage for everything on your own, you never give a chance to God to penetrate you, to take control onto his own shoulders. You never allow God to help you. You think you have to be independent’ you think there is no other way than self-help. You remain unnecessarily poor…..

Osho, The Art of Dying, pp 92

“A man who lives through techniques may think he is using all his energies, but he has not asked for God’s help. A man who is simply meditating with a technique is a poor man. A Hasid is tremendously rich because he is using all his energies. A Hasid is open’ a technique-oriented mind is a closed mind. It goes on planning for everything………
Open yourself to the divine. ….Nature should be your only discipline, and whatsoever is natural is good because that’s how God wills it to be, wants it to be. If you can accept your life with such gratefulness, that this is how God wants it to be……. “

Osho, The Art of Dying, pp 93

“My whole effort is to take all the props away from you, all beliefs, Osho included….. first I take you away from your other desires and help you to become very passionate about nirvana, liberation, truth. And when I see that now all desires have disappeared, there is only one desire left, then I start hammering on that desire, and I say, “Drop it because this is the Only barrier.
“Nirvana is the last nightmare…… and I start taking the last desire from you, once that last desire disappears, you are enlightened, Then you are Osho, my whole effort here is to make you capable of declaring yourself that you are also a God __ and not only declaring it, living it too.”

Osho, The Art of Dying, page 263

“why do you want somebody to help you? Because you don’t want to take the responsibility on yourself, first you say that others have made you miserable, now you say that somebody has to take you out of the misery. What are you doing? You don’t create your misery, you can’t drop it… do you exist or not?
“Responsibility is existence, responsibility gives you being…….
I am not here to help you. You may be here to be helped, but I am not. I am just enjoying my thing. I am doing my thing, and you will be benefited more if you drop your idea of help and work and Christ and avatars. You will be helped more if you drop all concepts of help. You simple be with me. Don’t bring business into it. Let it be pure play.”

Osho, The Art of Dying, page 266

“Your treasure is in your own being __ don’t look for it somewhere else….. God never sends anybody into this world without a treasure. He sends you ready for every situation __ how can it be otherwise? When a father sends his son on a long journey he makes every preparation, even for unexpected situation the father provides. He will give all the provisions. You are carrying everything that you need, just go into the seeker and don’t go seeking outside. Seek the seeker, let the seeker be the sought.”

Osho, The Art of Dying, page 188

“…it (cutting the head) cannot be done by another. It is not something that can be done from the outside. It is not something that you can do or force, it comes through deeper understanding.
The dropping of the head is one of the most difficult things because you are identified with the head. You are the head! Your thoughts, your ideologies, your religion, your politics, your scriptures, your knowledge, your identity __ everything is in your head. How can you drop it? Just think of dropping the head _ then who are you? Without the head you are nobody.
You have to grow into understanding. When you can grow a new head above this head, only then can you drop this head. That’s the whole effort of meditation __ to help you grow a new head, a new head which does not need thoughts, does not need ideologies, which is pure awareness and enough unto itself; which needs no external influence to live; which lives from its own innermost core. When you have grown a new head, the old will be dropped very easily. It will drop on its own accord….”

Osho, The Art of Dying, page 150

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