on education, by sw Kul Bhushan

‘Shut down all schools and colleges for the next hundred years!’

Shut down all schools and colleges for the next hundred years!

Only Osho can make such a statement. And why not shut them down? Think about it! What kind of ‘educated’ persons do these schools and colleges produce? And what have they really contributed to our world today?

The ‘educated’ school/college leavers have only one aim: to earn as much money as possible. Get in the rate race and push ahead all the time. At whatever the cost. No wonder, the vast majority of these people do not contribute to improving the quality of life on this earth. As more and more people learn to read and write, does their quality of life improve? The very small number of people who really contribute anything worthwhile – in arts, science, religion and culture – have done so despite the education system. Look at the hatred, prejudices and intolerance that is imparted by this system and how horribly and violently it shows in every country. And how man has ruined his environment.

No wonder Osho is right. Just shut down these schools and colleges. Now it is possible for even illiterate people to be informed with TV and for young minds to obtain all the information and knowledge with the Internet. And if you still want to continue with the schools and colleges, then the system must be radically overhauled with Osho’s Five Dimensions of Education. The arts and sciences are to be taught but more important aspects for improving the quality of life like meditation.

Osho says,” D. H. Lawrence (a well-known English writer) once suggested that for a hundred years we should stop all revolutions, we should stop all universities, we should stop all reforms and all talk about them, and for a hundred years we should live like primitives. The suggestion is beautiful. Then humanity could come to be alive again, the energy could arise and people could attain to clarity.

In other discourses, Osho says, ”And that is the only way to save man, because education has made people very cunning — cunning to exploit more, cunning to use others more as means, cunning to be immoral.

“There are all those dreams and ideas that when humanity becomes educated, when everybody is educated, there will be paradise. That paradise has not happened. In fact, all paradise has disappeared because of education. Uneducated people are far more innocent, far more loving, and far more beautiful than the educated.

“Do you think that 5,000 years ago when people were not educated they were not able to earn their bread and their butter? They were. Living was never a problem. And they had one thing more — life. Now you have only living, but no life. You think only of a better standard of living, you don’t think of a better kind of life. You have quantity but the quality has disappeared.”

– Swami Kul Bhushan.


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