The gluing force of desireg

“If you have understood before your death that thoughts are separate,

that they have infinite spaces within them, intervals;

if while you were alive the ego has been dissolved, and you have come to know that

there is no ego, nothing like “me” inside;

then you will die without the desire to be born again because you know it is futile.

All desires disappear when you know that there is no ego.

You don’t desire; you simply die.

Without the gluing force of desire, thoughts are released, but they can’t make a cluster.

The gluing force is desire. It glues every thought to another and makes a whole of them.

If desire is not there thoughts will disappear,

they will move into the infinite sky, but not as a cluster, as separate atoms,

and you have disappeared completely….”

Osho, The Living Tao


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