A-power 4 Iran = ‘A’ for Awareness or Atom? = money and love!

2004/08/11, 10:28 AM
“… Falak ra Saghf Beshafim O Tarhi Nou Darandazim…..”
‘Project A”! (Tarhe Agah-sazi)!

Dear …………..

Wish you health and happiness.
….. such ‘rare’ Iranians still do exist! __a very rare combination of money and love!

…. I had cut all my hopes from Iranians, due to repeated approaches to those who are wealthy and SEEMS to have ‘love’ for their country and their fellow human beings, but since no reply ever came, I had to assume that there must be something wrong with the ‘quality’ or ‘purity’ of their ‘love’. You know better the ‘distance’ between ‘talk’ and ‘action’!
So now, with the above ‘hint’ from Existence __Allah__ (because that link was just a pure ‘synchronicity’ and I did not ask for it!), I disclose to you my personal ‘dream’ for our country and for other human beings, wishing that YOU maybe the ‘right channel’ to make this ‘dream’ come true.
It CAN, if we want so.

Our people, due to lack of “A-power”, have been deeply conditioned/exploited by the “kings and priests” (Shah & Khomeini both misused that lack of “A”, and ruled over the land for years!)

Please help our people to get rid of these conditionings!

They say, “khomeini came to power with audio-tapes and his nasty regime will go with A-power, powered by this wonderful internet”!
This has some TRUTH in it and i have the “formula” ready to use!
It only needs some “L-energy” (L=love) {in form of “hard-cash”} to activate it. ………..

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