music permeates the cells of all living beings, alters mood swings

It marks every event of our life, from birth, marriage and death to the phases in-between.
Man has long known about the ability of music to calm, cajole and rejuvenate people.

But it is only recently that science has begun to understand, study and document the effects of music in methodology, which leaves little room for doubt.It is now an established fact that music helps all living creatures – from plants to birds and animals and man —to grow and rejuvenate.

Music permeates the cells of all living beings, alters mood swings, cell division, heals the ailing, induces sleep, creates wakefulness, and dances with the mood, the mind and the soul.While the rishis of ancient India and the Vedas first documented the effects of music on the human being and all life, it was left to the western world to fashion the more modern concepts of healing through music. There are now serious music therapy courses in the world’s best universities and remunerative openings abroad for music therapists.

This book dwells heavily on the findings from ancient India and the masters of today who have made music therapy a viable healing alternative. It is the most comprehensive guide on the healing powers of sound & music.About the Author:Rajendar Menen is an award-winning journalist who has written over 2,000 articles in more than 30 journals in five countries.

He has launched and edited magazines, co-authored three books on AIDS and prostitution in South Asia and freelanced for the BBC, UNFPA, Irish Education Society, France 2 and a number of other international media organisations. He has also authored books on Magneto-Therapy and Vaastu & Feng Shui, both published by Pustak Mahal.

Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by music. I use the word ‘fascinated’ with some deliberation and care because I am far from the regular music buff you see strolling into or out of a music shop with a tune on his or her lips. I am tone deaf, can’t sing to stop the shower, don’t see films of any kind especially those ransacked by cheap, lilting music and can live for days on a diet of silence broken probably by the exaggerated noise of a falling twig against the hush of soundlessness. But give me the grand opera, music festivals in any city in the world, jazz in Temple Bar or New Orleans, the deep-throated resonance of Osho and the spiritualists in India, Tibet, Japan or any part of the world, the tinker of the instrumentalists, or even the grand festivity of pop and rock, and you have my life on a platter.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t sing. It doesn’t matter if you can’t hear. But if you can grasp the magic that music brings to all life, you are there. Where it matters. Music makes you happy. Simply put. But it also takes you to a platform far removed from the mundane theatre of our lives. From there we conduct the opera of our choice. From there we laugh, we cry, we reminisce, we choose our emotion and escape to an extraordinary passion handpicked from our dreams. From there we drop all mortal sin and the weariness of ordinary life. From there we stake claims to immortality. From there we harness the sunset.

Our hopes soar, and we begin to believe in life once more… the roses are in bloom and the dew glistens on the green… Yes, music is all this and much, much more. Writing this book has been exciting. I have learnt a lot and met and spoken to scores of people whose lives have changed after music discovered it. The scope of the book is endless and so I had to pick and choose areas for the larger interest of the reader. We have deliberately kept out cults and religious organisations though their music is undoubtedly exhilarating and therapeutic. We simply wanted to give music therapy the neutral stance it deserves.

There are millions and zillions of musical scores available. In every genre. Take your pick. And rejoice in the fact that if you are elevated by the music of your choice from the weariness of earthly existence, even if it is only for a fleeting moment, what could be a better definition of heaven? Enjoy!

—Rajendar Menen


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