Love is me, love is you…..

Love is me, love is you…..
Love is he, love is she……
But why loving is so “simple in the beginning” and SO hard when practicing?
The why lies in the law:
Law of Love = Which is Giving & giving & giving…………..
By this “love” I mean the purest form:
Beyond sex & self
Beyond the calculating mind.
A Form with least of our minds & the most of our hearts.
A love free from possession & greed,
Free from jealousy & cheat.
Love is the stuff we are made of, yes, love is our core ingredient.
Yet we forget easily who we are!
We think we are this & that __ we keep the non-essentials & forget the real love.
Love is our food for the soul.
And how starving our souls are!
Rain of love, showering hard, may remind us of our true nature,

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