… if “love” is the subject!!

almost a year after the 11th sept,
for my Ex-beloved i wrote, while asking for her ‘English-editing'(included):
What do I want to do with YOU?
1: make you EXPAND into the infinity.
2: make all your hidden potentials ACTIVE.
3: bring all your individual/collective unconsciousness into consciousness.
4: bring all the happiness possible for you.
…. You may wonder why?!!~

because of the same old feeling of love.

When love is there, the Beloved is the secondary thing,
the 1st thing is the “love in YOUR heart”.
That is where love happens, in the “heart” __ as a dimension of being.

So when you love someone, you want to “give” your love.
And as you know, “giving” is a YANG, male act.
The YIN of it, is The Other Pole, the “receiving” act.
And you may feel now that to receive love is even “harder for ego”!!
It is more difficult to receive love & than to “give” it.
And this is what Osho says!!

When I repeat his name, it means that I say what I got from His words & they are mine now. Except the quotations of course!!

I can understand your difficulty to absorb this much love I “give” you!!
I suggest that you read your NewYear Present & then we can talk about “love”!!
Until then, let us just practice it!!

… it Can be many other things, as long as we “practice”!!
For me, it can be in form of writing for you & for you it can be a telephone call!!
Practicing love is DIFFERENT from “talking ABOUT” love!!

I love to see some “WALK” show!!
A film by those who WALK on the Path of Love.

I told you before that if we JUST live our own natures (male/female=yin/yang=giving/receiving),
we will not have any problem as “friends”,
or any other name you give to this relationship!!

I love “friendship” __ in it’s True meaning in our culture = DOOSTI ___ to be the basis of our relation & that is where the difficulty comes!! “……..OFTAD MOSHKELHA!!”
Do you feel that I should keep my mouth shut = fingers LOCKED, or send it anyway as I feel.
If you were not here, I would send it anyway, but I want your advice on it.
Please read & say yes/no + some “reason”!!
One reason is that we are not living in a healthy Emotional World.
The real positive & NATURAL state of our being , which is “love” itself __
as a gathering force of NATURE within, in-built ___ has turn into the OPPOSITE
= hate, which 9/11/02 showed a clear sign of it!!
And the hate is going on, until we love each other.

But for the love to manifest, the mind must be ready to submit,
which is the most difficult “job” for “the MASTER” = mind!!
And if mind=ego, then o.b.l. is as egotistic &
as hateful as g.w.b. or sak or as 100-daam!!

They are the people who “hurt” others, talking nice things to their followers/subordinates!!
So “true” friends are those who love themselves &
want others to be able to love each other, as well.

So, they become a “disturbance” in the “hate-system”!
I feel this is just the beginning of a new phase in our lives,
where we can truly practice what we say!!
And the whole difficulty is this “practicing”__
which is indeed a very enjoyable task,
if “love” is the subject!!
2002/12/09 06:21:28 PM


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