Iran:… this human tragedy?

Double Injustice of
The Friend of The Retarded Ones, in IRI.

How can I express this human tragedy?
I have a piece of news, in Farsi, saying in 15 lines, what cannot be contained in thousands of pages! What goes on in that mad house?!

The news says that a lawyer, Mr. Abdolfateh Soltani, who accepted the case to defend Mr. Ali Afshari __ a politically active student __ is still kept in jail, in a ward for “dangerous criminals”, not allowed to be visited by other lawyer(s) for weeks, in total isolation and under all kinds of tortures. The “judge”(one of the “gang of criminals” ruling the land) claims that the visit by his lawyer is “illegal”!

How amazing?! Just, for the sake of record, the most corrupted /crooked, most mentally and emotionally disturbed people, the top socio-paths are working for the regime and the judiciary system gets a BIG portion of these retarded pigmies, from the very HEAD to the LITTLE fingers!

Also, another lawyer, Mr. Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, who defended the innocent people of NEHZAT AZADI (Freedom Movement, a prestigious national-religious kind of a political party!) is also imprisoned in a “wrong” ward, along with such inmates as murderers, drug-dealers and other dangerous criminals! Far out!

When the “leader” of the land is the friend (Vali) for the most retarded people (SAFIH), it cannot be a better situation than this.

This piece of news (factual information) is enough for all the responsible people of the world, to expose and denounce the violations of Human rights in Iran and take all actions necessary to end the unjust and unjustifiable, regime of IRI.

Love and peace:


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