Nobel Peace Prize for Shirin Ebadi

Thursday 16 October, 2003

The Norwegian Nobel Committee Drammensveien 19 0255 Oslo Norway

Dear wonderful committee members: I wish you all the best in your lives.

On behalf of myself, AND more than 85% of Persian people (the remaining 15% have NOT actually inherited any Persian culture or even any human values: they only worship violence and hatred, instead of peace and love), I would like to express our deep gratitude appreciation for your recent ‘wise’ choice.

Yes, as you are well informed, our nation has been suffering greatly over the past 25 years, due to its historical “mistake” of trusting untrustworthy hypocrites.

So, after all these years of suppression under a tyrannical regime, your intelligent choice had a great ‘soothing effect’ on the collective consciousness of our people and I can feel this effect in myself, and in many people, whom I know personally!

Thank you again. I am sure that this action will have its own positive re-actions in the precise Law of Karma, and will bring its own loving and peaceful effects for the peace-loving people of this planet.

Best wishes and regards to all of you:


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