Autobiography, (‘old life’), Upto 2004 زندگینامه ام به انگلیسی

Born as a Virgo, and the 5th child into a middle class family,
in Tehran, Iran, in 1951 (21 of Sept). Had very early “love” feelings and warm soft emotions, as a little boy!

A long deep love-affair as a teenager! High school Diploma, in mathematics,1969. Drop out from Vanak Technology Institute, Civil Engineering, 1971.A real mis-match in the pre-revolution culture of Iran!

Served as a “drummer” in the army (1971-1973), then moved to USA to study Civil Engineering. Changed my major after one year to physical Therapy, but due to my “attitude” (the way i used to dress and my associations with minorities, despite my good academic record, i was rejected to continue in that major.

So i made my special major, Interactive Media, a combination of Early childhood Education and Instructional Media. The next two years, i was studying in The Center for Media Study, learning the science and art of communication and specialized in “news media”.

1979-1984, worked for Bayer Iranchemie AG, Tehran office. Then resigned to experience a “free” carrier, as a “book shop owner” in the remote village of Kelardasht, north of Iran.
One year was enough of such experience in such a place and moved back to the capital and was hired by Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines, as the public relation officer and international affair staff.

After 2 years, i was transferred to IRIB (IRI broadcasting monster-liar!)and could only survive there for one year, as “news editor” and Asia Vision Satellite coordinator.

Then i turned free lance, in a non-free society which was ruled by mean and hypocrite chauvinists! (you may just guess how much i enjoyed the suffering!)
in 1991, co-founded Mehr Research Institute, and produced/edited many “instructional materials” on communication, self-realization, yoga & self-development techniques for our members. After meeting (in the heart) my beloved Osho, in 1991 (the year He left His body),through reading some of His words, i started translating His books, until present time. Five of my Osho books are published in Iran so far, heavily censored and many are hopelessly awaiting “permission” from the Ministry of Islamic Censorship!

Zartushtra, The God That Can Dance, Osho’s commentaries on Thus Spake Zartushtra, is waiting there for almost 4 years; and despite much “cuttings”, still the “false” is afraid of its “truth”.

Last week i have managed my first professional bi-lingual website,, so i may be able to present my work to the intended audience (45% of the population), inside AND outside Iran. Osho is not known properly in Iran, and our people deserve to receive His words in their totality, originality and purity.

One point must be added here: the young Iranians and those who love arts and music and poetry, Iranian artist in general, are very much attracted to the visions of Osho and His books are usually best-sellers in Iran. The only problem is the “un-declared” ban on His books and the censorship which has been applied to His published books.

i enjoy nature, good music, cooking, dancing, silence, meditation ; have 29 years of experience in massage therapy and was a certified Hatha Yoga instructor in Iran.

will be happy to use all my communication skills for the cause. One could be letting others know about our existence!

Censorship is our MAIN problem and ANY support to fight this ugly dis-ease is appreciated by ALL ……… a loving/caring support from AWF for the cause i am involved in = reaching a wide Iranian audience, inside and outside “occupied Iran”, and offering them the wonderful Vision of my beloved Osho. freedom loving people of Iran.
2004/06/17 11:41:40 AM


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