From Mulla-field to Buddha-field…

My first thankful impressions, moving from Iran to Bharata (India)

Pune, spring 2001

From Mulla-field to Buddha-field………….
Yes, a quite journey!
Those priest there, who are full of complexes,
made my home a rut.
How could we live in that darkness?
We needed some light.
So we traveled to this Buddha-field, where there is still some light and some love.
From darkness to light: from violence to peace: from hatred to love.
What a trip.
Thank to Osho, the Buddha of this century.
What a blessing…

What a blessing…
To be here
What a move?
Thanks the whole existence for the Great-Escape!
Escaping for my own life?
No, for the better lives of many Farsi-speaking people.
There, I could die any moment from any “sudden-planned-accident”!
But here, Arya can grow in a richer soil.

I have seen the dark side of it too_____ it is so obvious one cannot miss it!
But the world is so different here than it was there.
Imagine if he had never seen these people here…
How could he believe the difference?

Anyway, that basic move was needed.
What is needed now is some unoccupied time dedicated to the rest of the work.
What is this work that triggered me to make that move?


7/16/05 Pune , Bharata:
What a real blessing!
Here, now, with people who have been with Him…….
In the same surrounding, same Hall….
Yes it is a real blessing.
Alone at home, feeling love for you all, well rested, no worries, only dreams,
His ”dreams” which he leaves for us.
Dreams of love & kindness,
No violence, no war, no sickness, no hatred.
Only love, in its highest form: Compassion.
And this is the REAL blessing: to have mercy in heart, being compassionate, merciful.

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