Deep Issue-Deep Tissue…

‘issues’ are deeply rooted in our ‘tissues’

Deep Issue-Deep Tissue work to activate our energies.

Bodywork, emotional counseling and healing

Terms and conditions

Dear Atma

For the process to be effective:
I need to use my totality in the present moment – time = energy = life. Therefore, for the agreement to be ‘fair’, you also need:

1. To have a ‘deep issue’, and/or a ‘deep tissue’, which you want to bring to the ‘surface’, and resolve.

2. To commit yourself, inwardly as well as outwardly, and participate actively in the process of emotional counseling and practise the methods suggested.

3. To finish the process, if you want to get the results. Withdrawing from completion of the process is done at your own responsibility!

The number of sessions and the fee are mutually agreed between us.

Name (legal AND nick/sannyas name):

Address (email/home) (one is mandatory):

Telephone / contact # (in case of emergency):

Date of birth: day / month / year

A brief description of your ‘issue/tissue’:

Time/days you are available for the sessions:

I hereby accept the above terms and conditions and will cooperate with myself and with Mohsen to complete the process and reach the desired objectives.




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