I have not stopped the sannyas movement; I have stopped it becoming a religion. A movement is a flux; that’s the meaning of movement — it is moving, it is growing. But a religion is dead — it has stopped moving, it has stopped growing. It is dead. The only place for it is in the crematorium. That’s where we had to take it. And we have celebrated the death of the religion — a religion which was not my idea.
I trust in sannyasins remaining individuals, I trust in their growth and movement; but I don’t like the idea of them becoming like Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists. That’s what was done while I was in isolation. In my absence, Sheela gathered around herself a fascist group and managed to cripple the sannyas movement, to make it dead, to make it a religion.

Osho: From Bondage to Freedom

I am going to revive Neo-Sannyas International. That is a movement; anybody can join it, and I have made it wider, I have given it a wide base. There are millions of people who love me, who love my insights, but cannot become sannyasins because they have to change their clothes — that creates trouble in their family, in their job, with their friends, in the society. I have withdrawn it.

Osho From Bondage to Freedom

And you are going to a society which is continuously preparing to commit suicide, where AIDS is spreading like wildfire. My communes will be the only refuge where we can prevent AIDS, where we can promote a great world movement of meditation, silence and peace — and destroy the mad dreams of politicians to kill all life on this earth.

Osho From Death to Deathlessness

My movement is not egoistic. I am not here to make your ego more and more strong — it is already too strong. My movement is towards egolessness. That’s where I depart from the growth movement. And no one can grow by strengthening the ego. He will remain just an imaginary being; he will not come to know his authentic reality.

Osho From the False to the Truth

You have to become the savior of yourself. I teach selfishness, because to me to be selfish is not wrong, it is natural. Everybody should be selfish, self-centered, not waiting for anybody’s help. Declare your freedom individually. And that’s my movement. You are here, not as a society, not as a community, you are here as an individual. There is nothing higher than an individual and his freedom.

Osho From the False to the Truth

He says: the moment Osho dies, his whole movement will disappear like a soap bubble.
I loved it! That’s how it should be! Why should it continue? For what? There is no reason. I live now, I am not interested in the future at all. How does it matter whether my movement disappears like a soap bubble or not? I love soap bubbles! They look beautiful in the sun. And they should disappear so that a few other people can make other soap bubbles. I have no monopoly over them. In fact, the world would have been better if the soap bubble that was created by Jesus had disappeared with him. Then these Polack Popes would not be here. Now they are making much fuss about a bubble which is not there. The soap bubble that Buddha created, had it disappeared, would have been a great blessing to humanity, because all these Buddhist monks and theologians, and all kinds of stupid people…. We would have been saved from them!

Osho The Goose is Out

Before I leave the world, one thing I am certainly going to do — it is private, so please don’t tell anybody else — before I leave the world, I am going to declare all of my sannyasins blessed ones. Thousands of Bhagwans all over the world! There will be no need to make any special nook and corner for me, I will be dissolved in my people. Just as you can taste the sea from any place and it is salty, you will be able to taste any of my sannyasins and you will find the same taste: the taste of Bhagwan, the taste of the Blessed One.
I am waiting for the right moment.
Once the new commune is established, all my sannyasins will be called Bhagwans. Then it really will be a Bhagwan movement.

Osho The Goose is Out

All missionaries are against freedom.
But as far as I am concerned, I am happy that a lot of the load has been taken off my shoulders because I feel responsible for you, I want you to grow. I don’t want your life to be wasted. If you cannot grow, even while I am here, then when are you going to grow up?
So whatsoever is happening is perfectly good. Only those will remain who are worthy to remain. Those who leave were unnecessarily wasting their time and my time; they should have left long before. Now sannyas will be a totally different movement: it will be for more authentic seekers. It will not be just for anybody who wants to change the society because he is fed up with the society. He wants an alternative society so he joins a sannyas commune as an alternative society — but he has no desire and no longing for truth.

Osho The Path of the Mystic

My movement around the world will give you a feeling of a world commune. Up to now you were small communes here and there, and because I was staying in one place you felt that you missed me, that a certain commune was fortunate to have me. Now that will not be the case. I belong to you all and I will be moving everywhere, wherever there is need.
I want sannyas to become a worldwide phenomenon. It is already ready to explode, and it has the greatest potential right now. There is no other alternative, so you are in a great position of power. We can make this whole world thrilled with a new vision, with a new dream, with a new hope. The old man has lost all hope, has lost all dreams, has lost all possibilities of growth, evolution.
Sannyas can bring the hope back. You are the hope of the world.

Osho Socrates Poisoned Again After 25 Centuries

This is not a movement like other movements. Nobody is planning it, nobody has ever planned it. I started living out of my silence and peace, and people started coming to me and joining me. In the beginning I was alone, a wanderer; slowly, slowly more and more people came. I had not called them; something in them fell in love with me, and what had begun only with one man has become now a vast caravan covering the whole earth — even countries where I have never been, like the Soviet Union, China, other communist countries.
My feeling is that when you have something truthful it has its own fragrance. It spreads by itself. And whoever is receptive to it, whoever is in search of it immediately gets hold of it. Just like subtle threads… people start moving towards the source of it.

Osho Socrates Poisoned Again After 25 Centuries

I never think in terms of a movement, in terms of making a church, a religion; I simply go on sharing my heart with whosoever knocks on my door. And the grass goes on growing….
There are one million sannyasins around the world, and at least three million people who have tremendous sympathy towards me and towards my people. If you want to know something about miracles, this is the miracle — not walking on water, that is simply stupid; not turning water into wine, that is criminal.
The only miracle I know of is the miracle that starts happening like a wildfire spreading from heart to heart, changing and transforming people’s consciousness and bringing them to a higher level of being — creating a new man in them.

Osho Socrates Poisoned Again After 25 Centuries

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