LovGov: more FAQs of this adventure

more ACTUAL F A Qs :

Q:What is LovGov:
A: stands for governmentoflove. A NonGovernment Organization, devoted for love and peace on earth, using Internet as the medium to generate, vibrate, and broadcast positive genuine love, compassion, mohabbat, prem, amo, ad as many as you recall, please!) energies, around the village.

Q: what is the function?
A: fulfilling the higher and deeper needs of its citizens, as well as their basic physiological needs, with loving care.

Q: who are the citizens?
A: Any individual in need of love, ultimately, practically ALL human beings on earth could be the potential citizens! BUT at this stage, we need only 500 loving courageous, generous souls, with enough understanding and material/spiritual resources, to register this new “vision”, as she calls it.

Two of us are the first two citizens and initiators!
Each citizen has and ID card, with a special ‘loving code’!
Mine is 000000000 ! Yours you can choose your own name/number.
We will have a very interesting loving ID system, having our eyes displayed!

(BEFORE we are 500, the “initial nucleolus ” must be strong and solid. So, we can approach them one by one and ask them why they wish to be a “citizen” in this “government” and what can be their “functions”?

One first rule of “entry” into this “wonder land of love” is that
you must be recommended by a “citizen”, or, be welcomed by ALL existing citizens!
This is just to keep the synergy moving UP, not ‘stuck’!

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