(non-prophet organization)

invites all Individuals, Scientists, Educators, and Media professionals to
Actively participate in the establishment & management of ICCED.

The recent shameful act of Terror and Violence proved that fact there are still sick hearts &
diseased minds living in this village, who can create misery for themselves & for others,
And as long as the hatred and violence are wide spread,
there may be such merciless actions in future too.
Terrorism is an emotional disease & the only REAL cure for it, is “Love+ Wisdom.”

The center is dedicated to interact with suspects & potential terrorists and
seduce & persuade them to prefer Love & compassion, to Hatred & violence.
ICCED provides general multilingual information on
Emotions & Emotional Therapy Techniques (self-help &assisted) on an Interactive Basis,
for individuals and public, as well as carrying on specific projects designed for problem solving.

As a pilot project, we may put the following nine basic questions
before the well-known, number-one suspect:
Who are you?
Where did you come from?
Where are you going?
What is life?
What is death?
How to reach paradise?
How to reach hell?
What do need?
What do you want?

Here, is where Media Professionals may help to transmit the question to “the suspect” &
demand for ANY answer.
If he chooses to answer, the answers we will analyzed &
follow up interaction will be designed accordingly.

This approach is much deep in the Emotional layer & needs scientific and technical expertise.
If he chooses not to answer, then he already proves himself to be a coward hypocrite &
deserves all the 24-hour suffering of the ego & his deeds.

Even then, by such positive wave of global attention & collective effort,
some of those “potential terrorists”____ who are looking up to him (as their “Guru!”)
may stop to think and feel the difference.

And many other people who are full of anger, envy, pride, prejudice, hatred, greed…
may stop & have a change in their energy –direction.

This way, nothing is lost & everything is gained.
The working procedures of ICCED are in fact a form of “therapeutic communication.”

ICCED needs support from all concerned individuals and groups
from scientific & technical communities around the globe

If you are willing to participate in establishment, management & utilization of the Center,
please Contact me and talk to me.

Also please fill that “participation form”, by email.

written , Sept.18.2001

after the black 9/11
Pune, India

Has ANYTHING changed since then?

Just spread to Europe

July.15. 2005

a week after another disaster!

Special Thanks to blogger and google for the links!

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