FAQ of Loving!

ACTUAL questions, asked ….

Q: I don’t even have any grasp of your vision, nosense of what this thing might be – and the questionnaires: can an alternative to politics exist without becoming structurally tainted by the structures of politics?

A: a new plan to “govern” our human relations, based on simple human compassion and love. The essential difference between this type of government with the existing ones, is that here, the structure is based on positive emotions, as opposed to all negative ones making the conventional “politics”!

Q: What would we all actually be doing?
A: We will read, write, sing, dance, play, interview, give parties, share, create, laugh, live…..
… and ALL with love, for love!

Q: Just writing articles full of love and forgiveness and openness on the net?
A: Not “just” that! At the beginning we may spend some time ‘writing about’ LoveGov!

Q: Meditating together?
A: Yes. Why not? This is the main thing, in each activity.

Q: is it primarily aimed at the situation in Iran??
A: it is a global project and Iran is a very good example or testing ground for such project. Iranians with high level of expertise in the requires fields (see invitation) are welcomed to be among the “pioneers”.

Q:….. I would almost certainly feel it was just some crazy dreamer’s dream and leave it alone, to behonest. But that is, of course, my mind speaking.

Q: True, this is a “heart” approach and everything is in a “reverse dimension”!
Yet, all “facts of life”, were someday a “dream”, from an air plane to the internet!

Q:………. I felt part of me lifted up and carried by the vision and certainly believing in its potential and wanting it to be real,…..
A: Yes, this is the heart part feeling itself. and seeing the potential is also a “mind” part, and it is good.

Q: and the other part of me was right there in thosepracticalities, wondering what on earth the members ofsuch a ‘corps’ would be ‘doing’ that might actuallyhelp anybody.
A: “everything” you can imagine! From providing food, shelter and medicine; to broadcasting instructional audio-video materials and publishing “instructional books” and other publications, in print, and via the net.

Q:….. what an individual might contribute to such a vision?
A: Just offer his/her natural talents and present resources to make it happen!
By going through the administrational procedures and making his/her talents and resources available for possible use!

……UNLESS your vision starts to have the practical structure and objectives my mind also craves.
Yes, I see your point! …….. Up to you to convince me some more…

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