Government of Love: An Open invitation for all LOVERS

Dolate’ Eshgh = Government of Love
Under establishment.
Become a pioneer in the Government of Love, now
Open Invitation for all lovers, artist,scientists
and professionals in Media, Iranians or, non-Iranians.


Establishing an NGO, by creating a virtual space, on the air, to broadcast love energy, as the cure for our main cancerous dis-ease, hatred. The first 500 souls, full of love, may bring this true.

Highly-tuned “team work” skills are needed, besidesthe initial love. Lovely individuals, refined souls and highly intelligent experts are needed to assume all types of “posts” for such a challenging task!


Open for deigning by professional.

The ministry of “communication” is already reservedby me, the initiator, until a more qualified> professional can assume the responsibility! Colleagues with specializations in journalism, communication, mass media, interactive media, developmental psychology, education, human rights,> etc. are urgently needed in this initial stage.

There will be no “Defense” ministry, since we haveNO WAR in this establishment, therefore, no need forit!
Instead, we may have a “Love Corps”, to carry on special projects, to assist the overall transformation of the existing energy.

Add your own energy, vision and skills to establish an alternative government, on the net, to live with TRUE love and only love, in action, not in words> only! Choose your own “role” and “position” in this “new plan”!

The pioneers, the first 500 “volunteers”, to> establish such an NGO may contact the> for further consultation.
It is only for people who “have” love and are ready to “share” it!

If you feel you are qualified, please add your email address below, indicating “where” you would like to “serve”, send this message to some “lovely souls”, (whom you know they are qualified), and tell us a few (or more) words on yourself, send a CV and a portrait photo to the above email.

When we are only 500, we are ONE strong synergy, radiating and broadcasting the light of love!Imagine when we are 5,000,000 mirrors, reflecting purelove!> What an “intense light”?!
Become a pioneer in the Government of Love, now,( 3:39pm, 7/8/03), here, in THIS life!

Eshgh Ast. = Love Is.

edited by me now, 15 July 2005
Can love ever be OUTDATED? no way!

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